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Talking about the emergence of Maori business, Paul Morgan uses Wakatu Inc – the organisation he is chairman of – as a case study that New Zealand business as a whole can learn from. Unlike most owner/operator businesses in NZ who are always looking for an exit strategy, Wakatu focuses on long-term strategy and the idea that businesses should be inter-generational.

Paul Morgan is the Deputy Chair and Chief Executive of the Federation of Maori Authorities, New Zealand’s largest Maori business network. He is also involved in many Maori commercial interests, including ventures in horticulture, agriculture, forestry, fishing, viticulture, equities and commercial properties. Paul has twenty years’ experience as a director of public listed companies, CRIs, SOEs and Maori Incorporations, and has an established track record of negotiation, development and repositioning of Maori business in both domestic and global markets.

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