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“Artists are the unacknowledged engine room and powerhouse workers of a culture.” Greg O’Brien dissects some of the great works produced by New Zealand artists such as Colin McCahon, Rita Angus and Bill Hammond. Greg suggests that art stares back at us and asks us questions, and great art like this makes us look beneath the surface of our world, our nation and our culture.

Greg O’Brien is a leading New Zealand poet, painter, art writer and curator at Wellington’s City Gallery. He has maintained a prolific and acclaimed literary output, including books of poetry, short fiction, novels and non-fiction. Greg is passionate about making art accessible to all, and this is reflected in his most recent book: Back and Beyond: New Zealand Painting for the Young and Curious (May 2008), which is a lively and lyrical introduction to some of the historic and contemporary treasures held in art galleries around the country.

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