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Dr Andy Shenk outlines some of the big, brave steps that his company Fonterra is taking to make a difference, not only in their business but in the global dairy industry in which they operate. Dr Shenk believes that enterprises can’t change business like big companies can, so it is up to organizations such as Fonterra to lead from the front and form the blueprint of what epitomizes a sustainable and innovative company.

Dr Andy Shenk is the Senior Vice President – Venture Investments with Fonterra and Director of Business Development with Burrill and Company, a leading life sciences venture capital fund manager and merchant bank, based in San Francisco. Andy has formerly worked in senior management for Genesis Research and Development, a New Zealand biotechnology company and advised various groups on topics including science and technology strategy, policy, and business development. He has also held academic research posts in American universities, including Yale and the University of California.

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