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“We’re a country that doesn’t have a national ambition, or at least one outside of the sports field.” Professor Peter Gluckman proposes that we need a Business Plan for “New Zealand Inc.” and must recognise the fact that science, research and technology are central to our survival in the 21st century.

Professor Peter Gluckman is the Founding Director of the Liggins Institute, and one of the prominent scientists in New Zealand. Selected as the Herald’s New Zealander of the Year in 2004 and recipient of the Rutherford medal in 2001, Peter’s research focuses on what gives us a healthy start to life: understanding how a baby’s environment between conception and birth develops its childhood development and lifelong health. He has also made significant advances in the understanding of brain injury caused by traumatic birth, stroke or accidents and is passionate about communicating a better understanding of science among the general community.

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