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Giving a broad overview of areas to be explored over the five 7×7 sessions, Rod identifies seven synergies to combine for a bold and successful future. He articulates a vision for New Zealand earning excellent living through harnessing its natural environment with a new business model based on small entrepreneurial global companies. Rod outlines our potential to be a role model for other nations and the belief that our difference is our gift to the world.

Rod Oram has 30 years experience as an international financial journalist. He has worked in Europe and North America for leading publications such as the Financial Times of London and is devoted to the development of the new economy. He is currently a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times; a regular broadcaster on radio and television; a frequent public speaker on business and economic issues; and an occasional correspondent for the Financial Times. In 2007 Rod published his first book, “Reinventing Paradise” in which he talks about how New Zealand can become mobilised to “earn a bigger, sustainable living in the world economy”.

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