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Dr Craig Stevens, a marine physicist at NIWA declares that the two biggest issues facing our species today are 1) population pressures and 2) climate issues, and he believes that the key to overcoming these challenges is clean energy. His research focuses on marine energy (extracting energy from the waves and tides), and it is these types of new and alternative ways of thinking that he suggests need to be fostered if we are going to overcome these major ecological dilemmas.  

Dr Craig Stevens is a marine physicist with NIWA, New Zealand’s leading environmental research institute. He focuses on how “things” operate in the natural fluid environment and so works across disciplines as diverse as marine ecology, climate, aquaculture, oceanography and energy. This takes him to an equally diverse range of locales including Antarctic sea ice, Danish mussel farms, Cook Strait in small boats and the open ocean in bigger boats. This seemingly broad range of topics is brought together by building on essentially the same underlying mechanics in order to explore new applications or ways of thinking.

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